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Archives: April 2021

Apr 05, 2021 - Kent French

One of the benefits of the pandemic has been the ways it has normalized gathering online. Family get-togethers, parties, conferences and worship have continued to happen -- just online. Sure, many of us have had our fill of Zoom fatigue and frustration, but we have been able to connect with loved ones and colleagues across hundreds, even thousands, of miles in ways we wouldn't have considered a year ago.  While we can all agree they have not been the same as being "in person," and we've...

Apr 01, 2021 - Amy Norton

Holy Week 2021 at United Parish

Dear Ones, 

With all of the events of the past year...with all of the events of the past week, it feels like we have been dwelling in Good Friday for quite some time. And yet, despite the goings on of the world around us, Christ has been born, Christ has offered up his friendship, teachings, and love, and Christ will soon be betrayed by a friend and executed by the state while we stand by in the crowd and watch. Each year when we get...