Living our Faith: Finding God Every Day

By Kent French
August 10, 2017 - 9:51am

A few years back, the well-known Christian preacher and writer Barbara Brown Taylor wrote a book called, An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith. It’s a gem of a book about what it means to pay attention and find the sacred in our everyday lives, to cultivate our spiritual awareness in all that we do.

It starts with chapters titled, “The Practice of Waking Up to God,” “The Practice of Paying Attention,” and continues with other chapters dedicated to the practice of getting lost, living with purpose, saying no, feeling pain, being present to God, among others.

This past spring, one of our beloved members, Holly VandeWall, had her students at Boston College read this book in preparation for a pilgrimage they would make to the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. We prayed in worship for Holly and her students. They returned safely and now Holly is ready to tell us about it. (We heard earlier this summer from another member about her journey on this holy path.)

As part of our summer series on “Living Our Faith,” we will hear again the mountaintop story of Transfiguration from Matthew (17:1-13) and reflect together on Holly’s questions for her students: 1. where did we find God and transformation on the Camino? and 2. how did we take that home to find God in our lives at home?  

Regardless of whether we’ve trekked the Camino or other sacred paths, these are good questions for you and I to be continually asking: where are we finding God in our everyday lives?

We will also offer our blessing and bittersweet farewell to Stephanie and Brian as they leave our fold for a new chapter in Washington State. 

Come with your own questions, your own convictions, whatever you need to be spiritually rejuvenated. Bring a friend. Bring yourself. It will be a beautiful Sunday.