Join us for an Intergenerational Easter Eggstravaganza! Sunday, April 1 from 12:30-1:30pm starting in the Chapel. Children up to 3rd grade encouraged to bring their Easter baskets for the egg hunt!

We are looking for a few good hands to help us cut, tie and attach ribbons to create beautiful ribbon poles for our upcoming Easter service. We would love to have anyone willing to join us for our Ribbon Party in the Parlor on Monday, March 26 from 2:30-5:00pm.

Mothers Out Front, a local organization that is mobilizing for a livable climate and powering up for our children's future, is holding the following events in Brookline this spring:

Rethinking Incarceration Book Talk

Some stories associate St. Valentine with the freeing of prisoners. Maybe the ancient stories are apocryphal, but your opportunity to advance the cause of criminal justice reform is real. And it is easy too!

It's time to plan for summer church camp! This year, a $250 scholarship per child is being made to all United Parish children and youth attending a Baptist Camp.

The parade will take place on Saturday, June 9. United Parish won’t be marching this year, but we’ll join the spectators on the sidelines.

Want to learn video production and editing skills? And help the United Parish Communications Ministry spread the word about our community? Ivor, renowned videographer from New Zealand, is with us until the end of August and eager to teach people some of his expertise in this art.

Join the fun at the Annual United Parish Strawberry Festival on the front lawn on Saturday, June 16 from 11am-3pm.

Join us after worship on Sunday, June 10 in Willett Hall for our all-parish meeting and potluck lunch.