HALLELUJAH! The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (G.B.I.O.) State House rally on Monday November 13 led into a resounding vote for comprehensive criminal justice reform late Tuesday evening.

We are looking for members and friends of United Parish to put together a short devotional that will be compiled for the 2017 Advent season. Come to the advent writing workshop on Sunday, October 15 from 12:30-1:30pm in the Deepening Room to get a jump start on your devotional.

NINE MINUTES. 59 dead. Over 500 wounded in Las Vegas. One person. Nine minutes. That’s all it took!
Were you aware? Congress allowed an assault weapon ban to expire. Congress still allows major loop-holes in background checks to purchase guns.

Coat Boston was launched by City Mission in 2009 with the generous support of Citizens Bank Foundation. Since then, City Mission has distributed over 12,000 new winter coats to under-served and homeless children and youth in Boston.

The Stretching into Justice Ministry Team has been thinking about the theme for the 2018-2019 church-wide social justice campaign. The proposed theme is "Advancing Equality" and we want members’ input. Please complete this short survey by Sunday, October 15.

On Thursday, March 8, 2018 the United Parish office and building will be closed during the day due to the snow. Tonight's evening Lenten worship at 6:15pm is still going on as planned - after all of your shoveling, come join us for a warm and cozy meal with friends.

Sunday, March 11 at 3pm at Sanders Theater (45 Quincy Street, Cambridge).

I would like to give you a small, important challenge this Lenten season - have a prayer partner. Now WAIT, before you disregard this, please take one minute to hear me out. I’m serious about this.

The Hearts and Hands prayer shawl inventory is depleted. Please help us replenish our stock this Lenten season by knitting a prayer shawl. We have a simple pattern to share and also a moderate supply of yarn. Questions?

The Choirs of Temple Shir Tikva and United Parish in Brookline are joining together for our annual Interfaith Choral Collaboration on Friday, March 9 at 6:15pm at Temple Shir Tikva in Wayland, and Sunday, March 11 at 11am at United Parish...