Join us on Saturday, June 2, 9:30am-12:30pm in the Choir Room at United Parish. We have blankets to make for high school seniors and babies, and gift bags to assemble for those celebrating joys or dealing with life’s concerns. It’s fun to socialize while working together.

Celebrate Pride with the residents of Center Communities of Brookline! They will have refreshments, music, and a special appearance by Rev. Jeff Mello of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Brookline.

The clear highlight of the annual United Parish Strawberry Festival is the shortcake, but a close second is the rummage sale. Spring is a perfect time for some cleaning and there's no better place to donate than to United Parish!

After worship on Sunday, May 20, we will gather in Willett Hall for a Celebratory Luncheon, a catered meal hosted by our Stewardship Ministry Team. We welcome members, friends, and guests of United Parish to join in this special occasion.

UCC denominational and climate leader, Jim Antal, will discuss his new book, Climate Church, Climate World. Commenting on the book, Desmond Tutu says, “This book will inspire both the...

As you know, many immigrants in Massachusetts are having a terrible time as detentions and deportations of immigrants are on the rise.

The United Parish Judith Eckian Scholarship Fund is accepting applications for the 2018 award year! The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial aid to qualified and worthy students in attending college for the attainment of an academic degree.

There are always interesting events sponsored by the Brookline Chamber such as panel discussions, classes, networking events, parties, golf tournaments and more. Visit to check out all they have to offer.

The arrival of spring means it's time to prepare to join your United Parish friends in supporting the 50th Annual Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 6.

Boston choreographer Lynn Modell presents “Every Body Dances,” a program of dance that explores social conventions and expectations, and the musicality of movement. Expect to laugh, be moved, and perhaps move yourself as Modell’s dancers prove that everyone can and should dance.