Around the Community: 'Building a Better Brookline' Planning Meeting

You are invited to an important Housing Affordability Stakeholders Meeting on Zoom on Sunday, October 18 from 5-6:30pm. This meeting is the next step in achieving Building a Better Brookline’s goal of significantly increasing Housing Affordability in Brookline. Doing so is an essential part of preserving what we love about Brookline and creating a Brookline that is inclusive and welcoming to a vibrant cross-section of people who choose to live, work and play in Brookline. This meeting will focus on building our mission and vision together, and on identifying strategic opportunities (e.g. the upcoming revision to the Housing Production Plan) to make sure that the voices of those who are typically underrepresented at the housing affordability decision-making tables play a central and active role in these and other deliberations and decisions as we work to get more housing at the low and middle income levels. Contact Deborah Brown at