Buildings and Grounds Socially-Distanced Service Month

Often in the spring, the Building and Grounds Ministry team organizes a Service Day when members and friends can work together on various maintenance items around the church building. This year, because physical interaction is discouraged during the pandemic, the B&G Team is suggesting that, when available, individuals or family and household groups volunteer to independently work on and complete designated maintenance tasks around the church. You can choose the day/time. Some of you may have extra time on your hands these days. Most tasks to be done are short (2 hours) and are on the exterior. We are hoping folks can provide their own tools to avoid passing United Parish equipment between volunteers. Our Facilities Manager, David Dunphy can grant building access during work days. To sign up, please contact David at

A suggested list of work projects include:

1. Weed Memorial Garden

2. Remove weeds along the brick wall between the Harvard St parking lot & Memorial Garden.

3. Weed the lawn/planted areas along Marion St. both sides of the Marion St. entrance. Collect leaves and bag as yard waste (bags in the shop).

4. There are large piles of dirt in the Memorial Garden left from the brick wall construction. The dirt should be moved to the side of the church building and packed to make the ground slope away from the building. Any remaining soil can be placed in low spots of the children’s play area under the wood chips.

5. Remove and bag any dead plants in the Memorial Garden.

6. Clean window wells on the west side of the church at Willett Hall windows. The grills are heavy and may require two strong people to lift and reset. (Must be coordinated with neighboring condo to unlock fence gate for access.)

7. Remove debris from flat roofs. Requires building access. All debris goes into regular trash.

8. Mow lawn. Coordinate with Facilities Manager.

9. Water exterior areas. Coordinate with Facilities Manager.

10. Edge planting beds. Coordinate with Facilities Manager.

11. Rake lawn areas.