Eavesdrop on October Church School!

As Church School gets into full swing, we encourage everyone in the congregation to eavesdrop on what our children and youth are learning this month!

For the month of October, the Elementary students are learning about prayer! They are learning that prayer is how we talk to God, that it’s one of the ways God can talk to us, and that there are many different ways of praying, including the special prayer that Jesus taught us called The Lord’s Prayer.

There are some pretty cool activities that children are invited to do at home with their families (activity kits are ready for pickup!), you can check them out too if you are looking for more pizza, sacred doodling, or science-experimenting in your life. 

Our Middle and High School students are beginning Nadia Bolz Weber’s Have a Little Faith series. You can follow along with the Big Questions they’re pondering by clicking on the links below!



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