Meeting with State Representatives Organized by GBIO

The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) has set up an in-district meeting with Reps. Vitolo (the rep. for United Parish’s district), Honan, and Moran on Tuesday, July 21 from 5:30-7pm on Zoom.

This meeting will expose our state legislators to the passion and concern of congregations in their districts who are demanding immediate and sustained action in order to rectify racial inequities in the Greater Boston Area. The meeting will have a time for sharing stories and concerns from voters. However, the ultimate goal of the meeting is to obtain a “yes” or “no” answer to the question of whether the legislators will commit to working to pass three specific categories of progressive legislation before the end of this legislative session on July 31. Each legislator will be asked to publicly commit to passing systemic police reforms advocated by the Massachusetts Elected Officials of Color caucus (H. 2146; H.2292; & H.1440), ensuring comprehensive health care reform to deal with the fallout from COVID-19, and in support decarceration for all people vulnerable to COVID-19 who pose no current physical threat to community safety (H.4652).

Key to the success of this meeting will be ensuring high turnout. If you're interested in tuning in, please contact for the Zoom details.