Meetings with State Representatives

We are in the final and crucial stretch of the 2020 Massachusetts legislative session. In order to push forward critical racial justice legislation ASAP, please join a local GBIO In-District Meeting with your State Representative as we advocate for passage of bills for Police Accountability, Affordable Housing, and Affordable Healthcare. You can learn more about GBIO’s legislative priorities that will be pushed in these meetings here.

Please click here to register your interest and possible attendance at a GBIO event, even if you're not sure you can make it. A member of one of the GBIO organizing teams will contact you from there to ensure you have access to the Zoom meeting. 

If you can’t make an IDM meeting, please contact your legislators ASAP to voice your support for a strong police accountability bill. Using this fact sheet, you can use your voice to pressure the legislator to pass the strongest possible police accountability bill before this legislative session ends! To find your representative's contact details, click here, then call, email and/or Tweet your Representative to support the various bills for Police Reform, Housing Stability during the pandemic, and Affordable Healthcare.

This is a very proactive, powerful way that we as a faith community can do our part to help bend, as MLK might say, “the arc of the moral universe ... toward justice."

For more information, contact