Saying Goodbye to our Seminarian

This past year, United Parish has been blessed to have another gifted seminarian in our midst. Lindsey Franklin has graced us with her intelligence, thoughtfulness, compassion, consideration, faithfulness and deep kindness. She has given us much more than she signed on for — with the resignation of our associate pastor, my winter vacation and my unplanned injury. Lindsey has filled in the gaps with grace, kindness, faithfulness and true professionalism.

She has been a gem to work with on staff. We have laughed a lot and pondered much together. Susan, Trey and Kent have been especially delighted to have her as a fellow worship planner and leader. Pastor Kent is deeply grateful for her service and will treasure having her as a colleague for years to come.

And the staff knows how much the church members have appreciated her gifts and presence among us, because many have spoken directly to Pastor Kent, and even asked if she could become our next Associate Pastor. For sure, Lindsey has fallen in love with this congregation, but she has also been clear that she has some other projects she needs to focus on.

On Sunday, amid our Consecration Sunday celebration, we will send her on her way with our blessing. We will have baskets for your cards, gifts and good wishes for her, as well as a card station for you to write prayers or words of appreciation for her. You may also send cards to the office that we can forward onto her.