Share your wisdom with our Rite 13 students!

We are once again soliciting advice from the adults of United Parish for our newest Rite 13 teens who will soon be celebrating an important rite of passage on Sunday, May 16 (to be aired in a later worship service). The teens celebrating their Rite 13 ceremony this year are: Andrew E., Justin F.-H., Jesse G., Cy P., and Stella T..

This advice will form the basis for a Book of Wisdom where people from our community can share their knowledge and experience about their own journey into adulthood. Over the past several years, many members of the congregation have shared their advice in previous versions of the Book of Wisdom. Several of these will be included again this year, and we hope to add to the collection! (If you contributed in the past, feel free to do so again with something new.)

Please consider using your life experiences to offer a bit of advice to our teens. Your advice can be something practical (“A grilled cheese sandwich will brighten your day.”) or something more profound (“Be strong enough to follow your own heart. It is better to be the shepherd than the sheep.”) Both are important to know! 

You may identify yourself as you wish (for example, Bob - Age 41; Susan - mother of two; Charles Smith - grandfather; a UP Friend, etc.).

Please submit your words of wisdom via this online form by Friday, April 23 at the absolute latest.

Contact Associate Pastor Amy Norton at

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