Summer Worship - June 25 - "Living Our Faith"

For summer worship, we will do things a little differently. Like most of New England, our worship attendance goes down and the building gets warmer. On June 25th, we will slip into summer mode and ease into a different rhythm.

We will gather again in Willett Hall for worship at 10am to share communion, to hear the Word and pray together. We keep it cool and more informal. For the past three summers, we have enjoyed this more intimate gathering in worship. We are able to see one another better, to sing well together, to relax into worship in new ways.  For this summer, we will hear from members of the congregation and people from the wider community about what it means to live our faith and put it into action in everyday situations..

We hope you will come when you’re in town, take part, worship together, and take it easy. There will be coffee and lemonade after worship every Sunday.

We welcome you, your friends, your family, your whole self, just as you are. Come and see what it's all about.