Your part in the future of United Parish: Annual Stewardship Campaign

Dear Beloved Siblings,

In 1970, the United Parish in Brookline began as “a joyful, ecumenical experiment,” the merger of three local congregations of different Protestant denominations, who had begun strategizing about how to thrive together into the 21st century. Fifty years later, in the midst of a global pandemic, we continue to be a vibrant testimony to their vision and the power and witness of progressive Christianity. Rooted in the past and reaching into our future.

During the holiest week of the year, we worshiped together online, culminating in a beautiful Easter service visited by over 700 people on YouTube, expanding our reach beyond our normal worship attendance. Our staff has done more than reconfigure worship and learn new technical skills. They have actively created opportunities to gather remotely in Zoom coffee hours, Lenten Dinner Church, evening compline worship, church school lessons, bedtime readings, Lenten study groups, healthcare worker prayer meetings, choir gatherings, and a continued regular meeting schedule of all of our staff and ministry teams. United Parish leadership has actively met to respond proactively and faithfully, including ensuring a relief fund for any members affected financially by the crisis.

Pledging to share and contribute our time and resources has never been more important for our community than during this pandemic. We understand that some of us will need to lower our commitment. Some of us will be able to raise it. What is most important is that we all participate in sustaining our collective ministry for the program and fiscal year ahead (July 2020-June 2021).

With this letter, you will find:

· instructions on how to pledge electronically (this helps us all tremendously)

· a brochure that gives a snapshot of our congregation’s life together, with glimpses of our fabulous past

· helpful information about deciding how to pledge

To make your financial pledge, please log on to your Realm account here or pledge through our website here.

To make your service pledge, click here.

Please prayerfully and thoughtfully consider how you will best join us in ensuring that United Parish continues to be a vibrant force of good in the community. Your pledge allows us to plan for our ministry for the year ahead. Please pledge both your financial support and service by Consecration Sunday, May 17. We strongly encourage you to give electronically in order to save staff time and resources.

We are so grateful for your presence in this joyful, ecumenical experiment. For 50 years, we have been rooted in the past and reaching into our future. Our best days are yet to come. By working, serving and contributing together, while relying on God as our source of strength and hope, we will continue thriving as a vibrant source of God’s love to the world around us. The world needs us. We need one another. United Parish needs you.

In faith,

Your Stewardship and Budget Ministry Team: Kate Ewen (Co-Convener), Dot Gorenflo, Doug Johnson (Treasurer), Barbara Lynch, Kelsey Mabe, Casey O’Brien, Paul Quackenbush (Co-Convener), Nate Victor, Jaz Buchanan (Seminarian) and Kent French (Senior Pastor)