Dropping your nets

By Kent French
January 23, 2020 - 8:47am

Imagine if you were at work one day, minding your own business, copying something on the photocopier, when a man walks up to you and says something like, "Follow me and I will make you copy joy and love wherever you go." It could be any setting: shopping for groceries, getting on the bus, seeing patients or clients, teaching students, washing windows. You're just going about your daily life and it gets interrupted by an invitation, changing your course forever.

What would cause you to follow him? What would hold you back? What would engender your trust, your loyalty? Would it spark some sense of adventure in you? Would it freak you out?

Our scripture passage for Sunday (Matthew 4:12-25) says that after a time of testing in the wilderness, some grief and seclusion, Jesus began choosing disciples to follow him. He just walked up to a couple sets of brothers (Andrew & Peter, James & John), as they were mending and casting their fishing nets and said, "Come and follow me and I will make you fish for people." And immediately they followed him. Immediately! And he found eight others to do the same.

My guess is that like me, few of us would be so trusting, so willing to leave everything behind, our families, all our stuff, and blindly follow this guy. We'd want some background information. We'd do an internet search. We'd have second, third and fourth thoughts about it. Understandable. And prudent.

These disciples went on to do amazing things with Jesus: curing and healing people with various diseases and pains, as well as people possessed by demons, epilepsy and paralysis. Their lives became full of adventures they never envisioned before.

On Sunday, we will dig into this passage and I am curious what it would mean if we framed our lives in terms of discipleship, really following and practicing our faith in the ways Jesus and his disciples showed us. How would it change us if we framed our lives in terms of adventure, taking some risks, trying new things, going into the unknown? How have we already done this with our lives? How might God be urging us further?

Come Sunday and I look forward to exploring this with you.

In faith,

On Sunday, February 2, we will welcome a ministry partner and friend, Andre de Quadros, who will talk about his work with immigrants and refugees on the border. 

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Image credit: freebibleimages.org