Enough, or: relying on manna in a pandemic

By Amy Norton
September 17, 2020 - 10:21am

"We will get there, heaven knows how we will get there, but we know we will." 

"All manner of things shall be well."

"One day at a time."

"Bird by bird."

"Make it to midnight."

All of these mantras, prayers, and reassurances are meant as guides in an unpredictable, overwhelming wilderness. When the Israelites were in the wilderness, they began to get hungry, and even nostalgic for the food they ate while enslaved in Egypt. So God send them daily bread, called manna. It was hard to trust that the manna would be there every day, and they tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) to hoard it, but they soon learned to trust in God's providence- they learned to trust that God would ensure they had what they needed, not for the whole week or the whole month, but for the whole day, every day. 

Anyone who uses toilet paper knows that sense of vague fear, insecurity, and impulse to hoard that came over us all back in March and April. But we figured it out eventually, and we no longer buy toilet paper by the cart-full. Just what we need for between now and our next grocery trip. 

We've been in a pandemic for six months. Six. (Time for another Sabbath, no?) We're hungry for the predictability of our life in the "Before Times." When was the last time we felt truly safe? 

I can't say I have the solution; neither, likely, does Dr. Fauci, as much as I wish he were as omniscient as he is trustworthy.

But God does.

So let's gather in live worship this weekend to pray, sing, complain, learn, and listen together for the wisdom from the wilderness. 

In faith,


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Image credit: Israelites Gathering Manna, barneywidget.com