Made in God's Image: A Scientist's Perspective on Living Divinity

By Kent French
August 9, 2018 - 12:51pm

Have you ever found that you have a hard time reconciling the miracles and healings of Jesus' ministry and other biblical texts with your post-modern, post-Enlightenment, rational mind?

Think about it for a few seconds.
Then respond.

That's what I thought.

You're not alone. We 21st-century "enlightened" folks are sometimes so limited by our highly rational, science- and technology-reliant thought processes. Entering into the ancient, wonder world of the biblical accounts is just plain mind-bending for some of us. For too many of us it breaks our minds completely away from the church, Christianity and any and all religion. That, to me, is a tragedy. Personally, I believe the choice between modern science and Christian faith is a false dichotomy, unhelpfully fostered and fomented by people on both sides of the divide.

Given our church's proximity to the medical area and the big scientific research institutions around us, we've got this struggle going on among many of the members and visitors in our pews. Which is why it is awesome to have doctors and scientists who come again and again to be in community with us. Like all of us, I think our scientists come because they still feel wonder at the amazingness of creation in all its forms, because they want to figure out how to follow in the footsteps of a beautiful, salvific teacher like Jesus of Nazareth, because they still want to be inspired in their research, their practice and their lives by the unpredictable wonderfulness of the Holy Spirit.

This Sunday, we are in for a great treat as we continue our series on what it means to be "Made in the Image of God" (Genesis 1:26-27). One of our newest members, Tim Lehmberg, is offering a homily on "God as the Holy Spirit and Living Divinity." Tim is a super-smart neuroscientist, who claims not to be a theist. (I've been pushing him on that, however.) I have already had a preview of his talk and it's absolutely worth showing up to hear. He will begin his reflection by inviting us to reflect on a classic healing story of Jesus and the man born blind (John 9:1-12).

We will also have new member Dave Heppner, another super-smart scientist, leading us in music. I may just sit in the back and watch it all unfold magnificently.

Come to our worship laboratory, taste, see and hear for yourself. 10am in Willett Hall, downstairs. It's going to be really good.


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