Milestones in Our Faith: Spiraling through Doubt and Faith

By Kent French
July 3, 2019 - 7:17am

About five years ago, a young couple came into our midst, after relocating to Boston from Texas to study theology. They have blessed us repeatedly with their musical gifts, their preaching, their Church School teaching, their active participation in our 20/30s group, ushering in worship and adding their thoughts and voices in a variety of meetings and social justice efforts.

Like some of us, Kendra and Chad Moore grew up in a conservative strain of Christianity. And like many of us, they started having questions in their teens and 20's that took them beyond the communities where they first learned about the faith. They ended up studying together at a Christian college in West Texas, where the professors listened respectfully and responded thoughtfully to their questions. The professors let them know that they were not the first to raise these questions. Chad and Kendra then brought their questions here to United Parish and to the Boston University School of Theology, where they earned Master of Theological Studies degrees and now are in the midst of their comprehensive exams for the PhD program. Eventually they will be writing dissertations on some of their questions.

On Sunday, they will once again bring their heartfelt music to our worship and Kendra will share some of the milestones in her faith in which doubt has led the way. She will talk about how her experiences with doubt have developed throughout her life journey so far: seeing it first as a sin, then as an intellectual challenge, later as a response to life's realities, and recently as an invitation to openness. We will weave these milestones throughout our worship. For our scriptural grounding, she will look at the classic story of Jacob wrestling with the angel, wrestling with God, wrestling with his faith, from the Book of Genesis (32:22-31).

I am excited about hearing and sharing this milestone journey with them and with you. You may just find yourself on the same kind of path.

In faith,

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