The Power of Testimony

By Amy Norton
August 24, 2017 - 11:54am

A cartoon silhouette of a man telling an engaging story to fascinated listeners of various ages.

I remember as a kid loving to participate in my own bedtime story. My mom would start off by introducing the main characters, our two black labs, and then I’d help fill in the plot. Paddy and Casey got into all sorts of adventures, and I really enjoyed helping to tell the story rather than just listen to it.

There’s something unique about storytelling. Most, if not all, stories we tell serve a purpose. Whether it’s to help quiet a child’s mind before sleep, impart historical knowledge, reinforce values, or simply entertain. The book of Acts often depicts Paul telling a very specific type of story called a testimony. He tells the story of how he came to be a Christian, the trials and tribulations that he faced, and the ways he came to know and trust in God. Testimony is powerful, persuasive, and personal. Testimony is sacred.

We all have testimonies to give, and yet we don’t often realize it, let alone know where to start if we did. We aren’t used to thinking of our own stories as being powerful and persuasive, as being sacred. Once we’ve acknowledged and tapped into the power of testimony, how might we channel it? How can we use this sacred storytelling to serve God?

This Sunday we’ll hear more about testimony and narrative from Koinonia Givens as she helps us work through the question of what to do with this power we’ve been given. Come to worship at Willett Hall at 10am, and we will learn and grow together!