Worshiping with Temple Shir Tikva

By Susan DeSelms
February 9, 2022 - 3:56pm

Dear friends,

"A history of a people is not measured by how much they suffer, but how they overcome suffering. African-American culture and Jewish culture do share that in common: struggling against the odds. That’s what life is. I think these two groups have made an art form out of it.”

- Elmore James, co-star of Soul to Soul

We will be once again joining our dear friends at Temple Shir Tikva in worship this weekend for Friday night Shabbat at 6:15pm in Wayland, and 11am worship with us in Brookline. We are celebrating spiritual music of resilience, handed down to us by Jews and Africans in America: Negro Spirituals and Yiddish folk songs. Although we optimistically planned to bring our choirs together in person this weekend, the reality of the ongoing pandemic forced us to take a different path. This weekend, our worship will be led by clergy from both Shir Tikva and United Parish and soloists. Our choirs will collaborate in a joint concert in May. Our theme this weekend is God's faithfulness during times of struggle. Both worship services will be in person as well as live streaming.

Yours in Song,


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Image: The Choirs of Temple Shir Tikva and United Parish, 2017