The United Parish church school provides a safe, secure and fun environment to nurture each child’s God-given gifts. In partnership with parents and clergy the church school program helps children develop Christian values, foster respect for different people and perspectives and plant the seeds of God’s word in their hearts and minds so that they may grow and become leaders in the church, community and world.

Is it already cliché to say that church school and music ministry will look different this fall? Based on input from our staff, parents, and teachers, we have developed a model of children and youth programming that we hope will enable children and youth to develop and maintain peer connections, build safe, consistent, supportive relationships with their music and church school teachers, and empower parents as their children’s primary religious educators. At the very least, we pray that your children will know that they always have a home at United Parish and a family within our community. 

The United Parish Nursery is open on Sunday from 9:15am to 12:15pm, September through June and for special services throughout the year.  Children through Kindergarten age are welcome.  (The nursery is open in July and August according to the summer worship schedule from 9am-11:30am.)

Where is the United Parish Nursery?

The United Parish Church School is for children from pre-school through 12th grade. Children in these classes learn bible basics, stories from the Christian tradition, and explore some of the Big Questions of our faith in age-appropriate ways.