Archives: July 2018

Many of us really cherish the summer worship experience: it feels more communally connected, we sing better, we have communion every week, it's a little more relaxed.

On Sunday August 26, the Green UP Ministry Team hopes you will join us in lowering your carbon footprint on your way to church. Will you walk, bike, take the MBTA or perhaps carpool?

Come support members of common art, an art studio especially for poor and unhoused people and our ministry partner (click here for more info).

We all engage with gender identity and expression in a variety of ways.

On Sunday, July 29, we will welcome the common artists again, and our member and common cathedral chaplain,...

Join the United Parish for our widely popular "Dinners for 8." We are looking for hosts and guests for our upcoming dinners/lunches, scheduled for September 15 and 16 and September 29 and 30. All are welcome to host or attend, newcomers and long-time members alike!

On Sunday, August 26, worship will be made up of songs submitted by YOU because they inspire you and bring you closer to God. These songs might be found in our hymn book, or in the hymn book you grew up with, or they might not be found in any hymn book at all!

VOICES 21C is a Boston-based, non-profit, diverse chamber choir dedicated to global understanding through music.