Archives: March 2022

The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), the faith-based justice advocacy group which United Parish joined last June, has begun a local Brookline affordable housing campaign which, among other things, includes badly needed attention...

UPDATE MAY 11, 2022: Masks are required for worship at United Parish.

Easter Brunch Potluck

Join us on Friday, April 1 at 7pm on Zoom for April Fools' Day, the United Parish way! No, we're not kidding, April 1 is the first Friday of April, so let's have fun! Bring your hilarious memories of April Fools and share in the laughs with all generations of United Parish. All are welcome.

The Mission Giving Team at United Parish works to support causes that are important to our congregation. This has included: support for the crisis at the US borders; support following natural disasters; and helping Afghan refugees settle here in the US.

As we regather for in-person worship, please be sure to wear your name tag! Especially as we are wearing masks, this will help our sabbatical pastor Peter Ilgenfritz learn our names, and all of us to recognize each other more easily. There’s also a new nametag rack in the Marion Street lobby.

Growing Grandparents is reading and discussing the book Saving Us by Katharine Hayhoe when we meet on Zoom on Wednesday, March 16 at 10am. Climate change is an intergenerational issue of vital importance, not only as a scientific issue but also as a challenge to our Christian faith.

It's time to plan for summer church camp!

A $250 scholarship per child is being offered to all United Parish children and youth attending Grotonwood Camp.

Bethany Lynch is collecting recyclables to be used for art-making!

As was announced at the March 20 worship service, the United Parish, acting through its Parsonage Advisory Group (PAG), is looking at options for selling the parsonage property at 80 Vernon Street in Brookline for redevelopment as a small multi-family housing development, including as many...