Archives: January 2023

Join our Exalting in Worship Ministry Team and worship leaders directly after worship on Sunday, January 8 for a short conversation about what you experienced in the service, what you noticed and what you’ll take home.

Are you frustrated with how expensive housing is in Brookline and greater Boston? Do you worry about how you, or your family and friends, or so many in our community, will be able to find an affordable home, or to keep the one you have as rents and prices go sky-high?

The Wills & Wishes workshops offered last fall engaged more than 25 people from our United Parish community in conversation about end-of-life planning  -- the emotional and spiritual considerations as well as medical, financial, and legal issues.

Dinners for 8 is back! And we need hosts! We are looking for hosts for our Dinners for 8 revival. The dinners will be held over the weekends of February 24 and 25, and March 4 and 5.

The Children and Youth Deepening Team invites our whole community to join us in Willett Hall at 9:45am on Sunday, January 15 for a Martin Luther King Jr. Intergenerational church school event!

“Fat Sunday” Pancake Dinner

Troubling things do happen when we least expect them. Many of us would like to respond to difficult behavior in the safest, most positive, most compassionate, and most effective way.

Don't pack up your ugly Christmas sweaters just yet!! We're going to make the season last a few more weeks! Adults in their 20s and 30s are invited to a party on Sunday, January 22 at 5pm off-site. Sign up to bring food and a Yankee Swap gift. There will be music, games and lots of fun!