20s/30s Holiday Pen Pals

20s/30s Holiday Pen Pals - taking place all throughout Advent (November 28-December 24) - Email 2030vision@upbrookline.org no later than Sunday, November 21st to express interest in participating

In light of the ongoing pandemic, 20s/30s will be mixing it up this holiday season. In lieu of our typical in-person Christmas Party, we are going to set up Holiday Pen Pals! Everyone interested will be randomly paired up with another 20/30s member, both to foster and/or rekindle existing and new friendships and to help us spread holiday cheer. We hope this will be an important avenue for social connection during a time when in-person gatherings remain difficult (especially as the weather grows colder) and when we recently spent a year and a half physically apart from each other.

Once you are paired you are welcomed to connect and share contact information to begin writing cards to each other! You may write as often as you like, but we would suggest perhaps writing one letter for each week of Advent (4 total). We encourage handwritten notes, but if that is not feasible for whatever reason, electronic communication is fine.

Please respond to 2030vision@upbrookline.org by November 21st if you would like to participate in the 20/30s Holiday Pen Pals so we have time to pair holiday buddies together.

Pen pals may also exchange small gifts if they wish, but this is STRICTLY optional. Pairs are encouraged to discuss this, but either pen pal may veto the gift exchange option with no questions asked.

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