Advent Devotional

Please Share Your Favorite Advent Hymns, Christmas Carols, and Beloved Rituals ASAP

This year, we are launching this Advent devotional in phases, without full coverage of all the days from the start of Advent on Sunday, November 29 until Christmas Eve. If you have not yet submitted a memory, but would like to, please feel free to submit them at any time through Christmas Day. Revised electronic versions of the devotional will be attached to the weekly United Parish emails as additional memories are shared. With your additional stories, maybe we can have a version that takes us all the way through Epiphany - which is January 6, 2021.

All members and friends of United Parish are invited to help create an Advent devotional that captures the holiday rituals and music that provide meaning to you, particularly in the home setting. These shared experiences may help us bring fresh approaches to this most unusual Advent when we can only celebrate virtually together as a faith community.

Your devotional should include:

  • A description of the ritual, Advent hymn or Christmas music that evokes spiritual connection and where or when it took hold in your life (1-2 paragraphs)
  •  A brief reflection (1-2 paragraphs) about why it is meaningful to you. In your reflection, consider whether the ritual or hymn connects to one of the themes of Advent: Hope – Peace – Joy – Love? When in your life did the ritual take hold as a particular favorite?
  • If you choose, add any related scriptural passage or prayer, an image or photo, or a link to any special music referenced in the reflection.

On Sunday November 22, we will have a Zoom workshop at 5pm if you would like help to prepare your contribution to the devotional. Please direct any questions to and email your devotional to the same email when it is done.