Around the Community: Ongepotchket! A Frelekh Evening of Yiddish Song and Shpieling

Sunday, February 5, 7:30pm at Temple Shir Tikva, 141 Boston Post Road, Wayland, MA.

Featuring Shir Chutzpa, the Temple Shir Tikva Klezmer Band (Vivian Montgomery, director) with Hollis Schachner, Jeffrey Stock, and Bryna Tabasky singing Yiddish Broadway, folk, and art songs.

Shir Chutzpa members: David Blom (mandolin), Bethany Kramer (oboe), Eva Montgomerv-Morrison (clarinet), Vivian Montgomerv (accordion), Joel Sadagursky (saxophone), Mariko Sadag├╝rsky (violin), Todd Sheldon (percussion), Jonathan Tabasky (trombone), and Alison Weinstock (flute).

This program is a rich tapestry, celebrating the lyricism and humor of Yiddish language, music, and culture, woven together with uplifting and heartwarming Klezmer tunes.

Admission is $25, payable in advance or at the door.

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