Coat Boston

The Stretching into Justice Ministry invites you to support City Mission’s Coat Boston. Since 2009, more than 18,000 elementary school children in Boston have received new coats through City Mission, and United Parish has been participating for almost as many years. This year is no exception! Last year alone, City Mission successfully provided over 1,400 winter coats to children all over Boston.

Along with City Mission, we believe that all children in Boston deserve to be warm and safe each winter. A brand new coat frees up tightly stretched family income for other basics like rent, heat, and food. This is especially important due to the heightened economic hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Coat Boston is in need of new coats in all children and teen sizes (including adult men’s and women’s). Check out City Mission's Amazon Wish List or Macy’s Wish List and have them delivered directly to their offices.

At United Parish, we will be keeping track of the number of coats donated to this worthy cause and will have the final tally at the end of the year. Send the number of coats you have donated to City Mission to and we will add your "coats" to the United Parish Christmas tree. Thank you for your generosity! For more information, visit to learn more.