Don't forget to set up your online giving!

Of the many ways that people can make regular contributions to the ministries of United Parish, monthly or weekly online giving is one that is becoming more common. The start of the new church fiscal year (July 1) is a good time for you to think about starting or reviewing online giving. When it works as intended, both you and the church will be well satisfied. But then there are these common "Oops" to watch out for:

***You pledged (step 1) but you never set up your recurring online giving (step 2). Oops! 

***You started a new online payment but never entered an end date to complete your old recurring payment. Oops!

***Your recurring payment was set up for different amounts than your pledge. Oops!

The best place for you to review your giving history and pattern is in Realm. The preferred place to set up your recurring giving is by going to then click Make a Donation. If you have any questions about online giving, you are encouraged to contact Treasurer Doug Johnson ( or the Assistant Treasurer Lietza Molloy (