GBIO Update on Affordable Housing - April 2022

Brookline GBIO -- working for improvements for public housing in Brookline. 

Your United Parish GBIO team wants United Parish members and friends to know that, partly due to actions by the Brookline team of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), two good things are happening for our town’s public housing and people who live there. 

  • We have convinced the Brookline Select Board to add $2 million more than originally proposed, to the award of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for badly needed improvements to public housing buildings Brookline. Our organizing efforts helped convince the Select Board to increase, from $4 million to $6 million, the amount of ARPA funding for the Brookline Housing Authority, for desperately needed repairs at two family public housing properties in town totaling 206 units. The additional $2 million means dozens more window replacements, several more kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and more new heating systems – things that will really matter to these residents, our Brookline neighbors.
  • We have caused Brookline Housing Authority staff to respond to specific problems GBIO has raised about unacceptable conditions in Brookline’s public housing. Starting with a Zoom meeting organized by GBIO in February with the BHA’s executive director, we have turned BHA’s attention to unacceptable physical conditions at several family public housing buildings. GBIO Brookline brought five public housing residents, backed up by 40 GBIO members from Brookline churches and synagogues, to the February meeting, to describe serious issues of constant vermin, failing appliances and intercoms, and exposure to asbestos, among other problems. We now have the BHA’s commitment to address these issues, some of which have been resolved, and to hold further meetings with the residents to ensure continued attention to maintenance issues in their buildings. 

If you are interested in joining United Parish’s work with GBIO, which is focusing on three issues -- affordable housing, mental health, and re-entry programs for persons leaving prison – please contact any of us:

Carolyn M., GBIO co-convener at United Parish

Michael M., GBIO co-convener at United Parish

David R., GBIO affordable housing captain at United Parish