Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) Opportunities

Hello United Parish! We are so grateful for your commitment to social justice and helping to improve the community.

Some trainings and GBIO general meetings coming up:

  • May 23 - How to Run a Core Team Meeting
  • May 26 - Action: GBIO Assembly Event. More info coming soon. Goal of 800 people to show up, 400 in-person, 400 online. At Hyde Park 7th Day Adventist church. Exact action/ask TBD. Last fall, we asked the candidates for $1.9 million for the Office for Re-entry, but the City currently budgeted $1.3 million (current budget is $300,000).


The next Action Team Dates are below:

  • April 26 - Mental Health/Substance Abuse Disorder. Please reach out to Carolyn M. or Peter R. for more information.
  • May 3 - Housing Action team. Please reach out to David R. for more information. Register here.
  • May 5 - Entry After Incarceration. Please reach out to Mark J. for more information.


Questions? Contact