Important prayer request from staff and leadership

We need both your prayers and your networking for our Building Manager position.
After a second interview, our ONE qualified candidate disappeared on us.
This is getting SERIOUS.
We need all of us combining our spiritual energy to pray for the right person to come our way SOON
reach out to all of our various networks to help us find that person.
Background information
We have posted the position for 24 weeks on 13 different job sites and educational institutions. In that time, we have raised the salary by $17,000. As many of you know, it’s an employee’s job market right now.
The vacancy in this position since May has put an extra burden on staff, most especially our hard-working Parish Administrator, Sarah, who has taken on the most pressing issues. In addition, one of our sextons is currently out recovering from ankle surgery.
The Building Manager has a big job, including:
-Managing and scheduling our sexton staff
-Coordinating building users and contracts (approx. 30-45 per year, up to 1000 or more people on a weekly basis)
-Addressing ongoing maintenance issues, for the buildings and grounds of both our church and parsonage properties
-Hiring and working with contractors
-Working with consultants and members to address our $12M structural repair needs
(This position is central in addressing that last important challenge.)

Most importantly, we need someone who has the skills to manage these various aspects of the job.

The full job description can be found here.
If you know of qualified candidates or good people to refer us, please contact Parish Administrator Sarah Fitzpatrick at or 617.277.6860.
In gratitude,
Kent, Amy, Sarah, Susan and Jim