Invitation to Congregational Conversations

Dear Church,

We invite you to sign up for a Congregational Conversation as part of our church-wide planning process, so that together we may discern the unique purpose of United Parish and how God is calling us at this time and in this place.

For easy scheduling, some of these conversations are happening during Ministry Teams’ meetings. But we have scheduled other times for “Ad-hoc” Conversations as well! So please click this link if you would like to sign up for an “Ad-hoc” Conversation: Sign-up Form for an "Ad-hoc" Congregational Conversation  

A Congregational Conversation will:

  • Be a group discussion
  • Be led by a facilitator from the United Parish Planning Team
  • Be about 90 minutes long
  • Provide you a choice between participating in-person at church or virtually on Zoom, and offer home visit or phone call alternatives as necessary
  • Provide opportunities for sharing follow-up comments afterward

The questions we will discuss during our Congregational Conversations are focused on welcome and hospitality, spirituality, our church's purpose, our building, and our dreams for the future. You can see the discussion questions in advance by clicking this link: Questions to Discuss during Congregational Conversations

For additional details, please click this link: Frequently Asked Questions, or email us at:

Thank you!

In faith,
Alicia Hsu, Madeline Gardner, & Jenny Palmer
On behalf of the Planning Team