Ministry Team Binders

At our leadership retreat, we identified a need for transparent and accessible systems for sustainable leadership. In service of this goal, each ministry team will create a binder of important information that allows people to understand the nuts and bolts of their team’s operations. This information will be readily accessible in the church office and on Google Drive. These binders will be used by the Discernment and Engagement team and the members of ministry teams to help community members find a good fit for their own ministry as well as informing us in our nomination process for elected positions. They will also be used by Council liaisons to facilitate their entry into the work of the team and will provide information to new leaders within your teams to equip them with confidence to serve.

We are setting a deadline to have these binders finished by April 30, 2019, so that they can start to be used to onboard new members to your teams for the new church year. We will provide the physical binders, the template for the information needed, and workshops at United Parish for anyone who needs help with compiling their information or has any questions. Workshops will take place on Sunday, March 10 at 10am and Tuesday, April 23rd at 6:30pm in the Parlor. Each binder will be in hard copy form as well as in electronic form as an organized Google document.

We are looking forward to partnering with you to work towards equipping members of United Parish for participating in their chosen ministries and to cultivate a culture of sustainable leadership practices. Contact