Missions Giving Supports Earthquake Relief in Turkey and Syria

Our Missions Giving ministry proudly tithes annually --- we give 10% of United Parish's budget to organizations and causes which we believe help to better the world we live in. There are SO many people and places in need, and so many people grateful to each one of you for the assistance we give them through United Parish.
Every so often there is a cataclysmic global event that pushes us to make a major one-time donation. Such an event happened in Turkey and Northwest Syria 2 weeks ago... a 7.8 earthquake that has taken over 43,000 lives (a number which is only getting higher) and has caused thousands and thousands of injuries:

  • People have lost everything;
  • they have no shelter, no food, no clean water, no medical supplies -- no home
  • they are sleeping in sub-zero temperatures;
  • children are the most vulnerable -- at least 1,500 of them have been separated from their families and of these 250 have not yet been identified.  

If you feel helpless when hearing about these children, women and men living through unimaginable circumstances, money given to trustworthy organizations working on the ground does help.

In response to this horrendous suffering, the Missions Giving ministry is donating $5,000 which will be split between Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF (as the UN seems to be able to get humanitarian relief into wartorn, rebel-help Northwest Syria as well as Turkey).

Each of you is invited to increase the size of our United Parish donation by matching our $5,000. Many of you may have already sent donations to help meet this humanitarian disaster, however if you have not yet made a donation or you would like to give again through United Parish, NOW is the time!

We will be sending out a check to both Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF soon. If you would like to help match our $5,000 donation, simply write a check to United Parish earmarked  "Earthquake Relief" or "Missions Giving" (if you have a preference for Doctors Without Borders or UNICEF, please specify), or click here and select "Missions Fund of United Parish."

We are MOST grateful for whatever you can give. Many thanks!


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