Thrifty Threads Helps Children and Families on the Border

In May of 2018, Brookline resident and Thrifty Threads shopper, Sandra Pelkie started a charity called "Children and Families on the Border." She packed a 19-foot truck full of supplies such as clothing, shoes, hygiene products and toys - enough items to clothe 1,000 people from newborn to adults - and drove to McAllen, Texas to the Immigration and Respite center.

She says she never would have reached that goal if it weren't for Thrifty Threads and the volunteers who run it. The Thrifty Threads volunteers gathered donations to give to the refugees.

Thrifty Threads has already helped clothe at least 500 people this year. Sandra set a goal of clothing 2,000 refugees for her 3rd visit to the border and says she never would have achieved that goal without the help of Thrifty Threads and the volunteers.

Sandra explained that Thrifty Threads is "such a pillar to our community. Brookline may be a wealthy town, but not all are. Thrifty Threads is a place that you can buy excellent quality clothes for cheap money. These [volunteers give] their time to make this little room a boutique of beautiful clothing. We should celebrate their generosity, commitment and love of our community and the refugees on the border."

Sandra's next trip to the border is at the end of August, and through the devoted work of Thrifty Threads volunteers, they were able to surpass prior donations.

Many people feel so helpless and powerless over the conditions and treatment refugees endure, that being able to do something simple and concrete is a relief. Thrifty Threads is collecting donations until the end of August of clean children's and adult clothing and shoes, light weight, with no political or potentially offensive language or logos.

The Thrifty Threads volunteers feel that Sandra is an extraordinary woman who demonstrates how we as individuals can transform into bigger and better people when our hearts and souls are touched and when compassion is given and received.

Please help Sandra and her efforts to bring clean clothes and supplies to the refugees in Texas if you are able. Contact for more information or for other ways to support the efforts.

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