Tragedy in Las Vegas

NINE MINUTES. 59 dead. Over 500 wounded in Las Vegas. One person. Nine minutes. That’s all it took!
Were you aware? Congress allowed an assault weapon ban to expire. Congress still allows major loop-holes in background checks to purchase guns.
Did you know? Right now Congress is poised to follow the NRA’s bidding and make it easy to purchase silencers for weapons.
• Police are trained to rush toward the sound of shots to protect us. But not if there are silencers.
• Crowds need to know that they are targets in a shooting and where to seek cover. But not if there are silencers.
The month after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December 2012 (26 deaths), the United Parish called on our Congressional representatives to enact prudent gun safety laws, including a ban on military-style automatic weapons with large cartridge magazines. Nothing has happened in almost 5 years.
It is time to speak again! Massacres cannot become the new norm. Contact Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren and your U.S. Representative to demand action. (Contact information is available at