We're Hiring a Multimedia Producer


The United Parish in Brookline seeks a Multimedia Producer. The Multimedia Producer works collaboratively with the worship team to film, record, edit, and live stream online Sunday worship services and other events. The Multimedia Producer is responsible for weekly, on-site production and post-production duties for live streaming worship services on Sunday mornings, and liturgical holidays such as Maundy Thursday and Good Friday evening services, Christmas Eve evening service, and at other times as needed.  


The Multimedia Producer’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Operating as the central broadcast engineer for Sunday Worship Services, including the operation and overseeing maintenance of all audio and video equipment.
  • Operating the house P/A system for in person worship.
  • Managing the audio needs for worship, both for live stream and in house worship. This will include running sound checks and being present for various musical rehearsals prior to worship, listening for balance, and making suggestions and adjustments as needed. This may occasionally include communicating with worship leaders during worship.
  • Working with staff to recruit, manage, and teach volunteers to operate the tech for livestreaming worship. Equipping volunteers with the necessary written instructions and training for them to be able to manage the tech with support, and sometimes independently. Communicating with staff as needed to ensure volunteer effectiveness.
  • Working with the Parish Administrator and the Communications Ministry team in creating quality multimedia content from worship services to support United Parish’s social media ministry (specifically YouTube, Facebook, and Realm,our online directory and social media platform). Helping contribute necessary innovations for a robust online ministry.
  • Communicating with the worship team about the audio and visual needs for each week’s worship service, including giving specific feedback to worship leaders about effective use of microphones and cameras.
  • Keeping staff informed of what updates are needed to our system to make it work smoothly and effectively, and finding new or used equipment in collaboration with staff. Offering professional guidance on the best audio visual practices as they apply to us, both in the short term and long term.
  • Organizing and coordinating media files as uploaded by United Parish content makers, if applicable.
  • Creating and maintaining a good system of organization of audio visual equipment.
  • Completing videos in a timely manner. Working collaboratively with the Minister of Music and other staff to create quality audio and visual output for livestreaming, recording, and in house worship.
  • Creating special videos as needed for the church website.
  • Editing audio for weekly sermon podcast.
  • Attending weekly meetings (30-45 minutes) in person or online to stay informed about upcoming worship services and review previous week’s worship service.  


  • Must be able to work Sunday mornings (8am-1pm) for hybrid, live-streamed worship service. Must be able to come into the church for a few hours during the week once or twice a month to troubleshoot tech issues with the Minister of Music and other staff as needed to improve, simplify, and solidify the set up for Sunday mornings. Oversee technical support volunteers for recording and streaming worship services, working with staff and leadership to  ensure that you have the help you need. Work with church leadership to develop this volunteer ministry.
  • Must be fluent with Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Premiere, and other video editing platforms, and have training and/or experience with audio mixing, recording, and producing.
  • Proficiency with a variety of audio visual equipment - a DSLR camera, various types of microphones, audio mixer and Steadicam.
  • Knowledge of YouTube Studio, Google Suite, Zoom, and various social media platforms.
  • Willingness to research and tackle audio visual challenges that exist, and that may arise in the future in advance of Sunday morning worship.
  • Organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability and desire to work collaboratively with a team of creative professionals with a wide variety of skills and experiences.
  • Must dress professionally (business casual) for Sunday worship services.
  • Readily show kindness, respect, patience and encouragement with our volunteers and congregants.


Recording/live streaming will mostly take place in the church building between 8am and 1pm. Occasionally there may be live streamed events in other rooms besides the Sanctuary, including outside. During July and August, worship will be held either in Willet Hall or outside, and will require special planning. Post production work can be performed remotely. Audio and video equipment will be provided and left on site unless otherwise negotiated.


  • Prior experience working in multimedia production including video/audio equipment operation.
  • Prior experience with live event/live streaming.
  • Skilled in use of computers, audio/video equipment, and editing software.
  • Prior experience leading/managing volunteers is a plus
  • Familiarity with church worship services is a plus, but not required


Reports directly to the Minister of Music

Supports and works collaboratively with the worship team including Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Minister of Music, Assistant Music Director and Seminarian.

Works with the Parish Administrator to provide social media content as requested.

JOB TYPE:  Non-Exempt, Part-Time, Temporary or Permanent Position

WORK HOURS: Up to 12 hours/week. Must be able to work on-site Sundays and be able to come in during the week 1-2 times a month at a mutually convenient time with Supervisor. Most weeks, the position will require 8-10 hours a week. More hours will be needed when preparing for special services, during important times of the year, and to solve any sort of audio or video challenges as they arise.

SUPERVISOR:  Minister of Music


HOW TO APPLY: Please send a resume to jobs@upbrookline.org. Learn more about United Parish at upbrookline.org.