Susan DeSelms

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Susan loves United Parish because United Parish is passionate about their music. She joined the United Parish staff in 2001 with degrees in organ performance and choral conducting from Boston University, Indiana University, and Birmingham Southern College, as well as a great deal of life experience in church music. Her father is a music director, organist, and composer, and Susan grew up with a deep love and respect for volunteer musicians and what they are capable of.

The United Parish congregation loves and expects great and plentiful music during worship services, and enjoys trying new things while staying connected with tradition. It is Susan's mission to motivate and facilitate congregational song. She believes it is our singing that unites us as a people of God. UP's choirs are cultivated both to introduce moments of transcendent beauty during worship, and to lend strength and leadership to our singing as a congregation. Music is the language of the soul. As such, it is also the heart of worship.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Hours: Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday, various times; Off Monday or Friday, and Saturday

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