Welcome to United Parish in Brookline

Come and see what is happening in our vibrant, ecumenical, open and affirming congregation. Explore our life of worship, service, learning, and care. Check out our programs for children,
youth, and adults. Feed your spirit, nurture your soul and find new friends. No matter where
you are on life's journey, know that you are welcome here. 

Sunday Worship Service:

Sept 10, 2017 - Jun 10, 2018 @ 11:00am

A painting depicting Jesus clearing the Temple of the money changers, with a whip. The money changers are wearing modern-day suits and are sitting behind placards with the names of major US banks on them.
Pastors' Blog
Amy Norton

In the Bible, the one topic that Jesus talks the most about is the Kingdom of God. The next most frequently-mentioned topic is money.

Children and Youth Choir Retreat

You and your children are invited to register for our annual Winter Retreat at Grotonwood in Groton, MA! The retreat spans from supper on Friday, January 19, through breakfast on Sunday, January 21. We will work on our spring musical. The weekend will also include fun, food, gym, snow, games, fellowship, and perhaps some quiet time for our wonderful parents!


Dinners for Eight

Join the United Parish for our widely popular "Dinners for 8." We are looking for hosts and guests for our upcoming dinners/lunches, scheduled for January 26, 27, and 28, 2018 and February 10, 2018. All are welcome to host or attend, newcomers and long-time members alike!


There are always opportunities for learning something new and engaging in conversation with others. Check out some events happening soon in the community. 


Daughters of Abraham

Are you interested in becoming a member of United Parish? You can learn more on the following Sundays:

            February 4 - take an informational tour of the church building

            February 11 - learn more about how we are structured, our beliefs, and how we came into being

It's time to plan for summer church camp! This year, a $250 scholarship per child is being made to all United Parish children and youth attending a Baptist Camp. There are two Baptist camps: Grotonwood in Groton, MA, where the 2017 Fall Fellowship Weekend and the Winter Choir Retreat took place; and Oceanwood in Ocean Park, ME, where we enjoyed the 2016 Fall Retreat.