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Sunday Worship Service:

Sep 15 - Jun 22: 11:00 am | Jun 29 - Aug 31: 10:00 am 

Say My Name

I have yet to do a baptism here at United Parish, but when I do, I usually like to say something about the name that parents have chosen for their children: where it comes from, why they chose it, what it means.  We don’t often think about it, but most of our names have some meaning, they are indicators of some human quality or something about our genealogy. . . . Kent comes from Old Welsh, meaning “white” or “bright.”  . . . . This Sunday, we will talk about this. We’ll look at Genesis 32: 3-31 and how Jacob (the grabber, the supplanter, heel) wrestled with the angel and became Israel (the one who struggles with God).


Discuss a Book: Toxic Charity

July 29 @ 7:00pm

The Stretching Team will host a meeting on Tuesday, July 29th @ 7:00pm in the Lindsay Room to discuss the book, Toxic Charity. In the book, author and urban activist Robert Lupton discusses toxic effects that modern charity has upon the people meant to benefit from it. Lupton suggests how models for charitable groups who want to help—not hurt — those they want to help.

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Summer Worship

For summer worship, we are doing things a little differently. Worship is at 10am to maximize the cooler morning hours. We will serve communion every week and we will aim for shorter worship - more like 45-50 minutes with shorter homilies and midrashim on the scripture. Our theme is family trees and tracing our roots, as we look at the lectionary readings about the early families in Genesis and Exodus. We enjoy lemonade and goodies together after worship.  Come and try it!

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On Saturday, July 19, Jenna and Marla participated in the Red Sox Foundation and Mass General's Run to Home Base.  The Home Base Program works to find ways to help soldiers heal from the invisible wounds of war, PTSD and TBI. Between the two of them, they raised $1525 -- and $1000 of it was from our very own Mission Giving Committee. 

On Sunday, August 17th at 3:00pm in the Sanctuary, we are celebrating one of our own being ordained into the Christian ministry! This is an important milestone in the life of any church. Liz has faithfully and steadily ridden the many transitions at United Parish over the past several years.

This August, the five 2014 confirmands and their teachers will journey to Steubenville, Ohio for their pilgrimage with the Urban Mission of Steubenville’s JOSHUA Program.  Founded by the United Methodist Church in 1959, the Urban Mission Ministries, Inc. is an ecumenical Christian social service agency.