United Parish is a beautiful space for a wedding or reception. We hope you will consider hosting your special day here.

For wedding ceremonies, we recommend the Sanctuary, Chapel, or Parlor. For receptions, we recommend Willett Hall, Chapel, or Parlor.  Learn more about our spaces here.

Our wedding at United Parish was truly magical. The associate pastor invested time in understanding our relationship, crafting a ceremony that felt incredibly personal and special. The church itself is not only stunning but impeccably clean, and the schedule ran seamlessly, leaving us with no stress on our big day. Sharing our love for this open and accepting community with our family was an unforgettable experience. I wholeheartedly recommend United Parish as a wedding venue—it’s a beautiful space, well-organized, and the sanctuary helps create a sense of reverence and significance throughout the ceremony. Choosing this church was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day.” – Tyler and Madeline


Wedding Packages


Package A: $800 for Sanctuary for 4 hours (includes Chapel). Includes Sexton/Custodian.


Package B: $1,200 Includes Sanctuary for 2 hour rehearsal the day before, Sanctuary for 4 hours day of, plus additional room for getting ready/waiting/personal item storage. Includes all Sexton/Custodian fees for both days and Chapel.