Special Services


Reflecting the rich denominational roots of the United Parish, the Sacrament of Baptism is available to people of all ages. When an adult is baptized, we celebrate that the person has responded to God’s call in their life; when an infant is baptized we rejoice that our first and foremost identity is that of a beloved child of God. Infant dedication is also available for families who prefer this blessing for their babies.

We celebrate Baptisms within Sunday morning worship services as a joyful Sacrament connecting God, the one being baptized, and the congregation. Vows are made between the one being baptized (or their parents, in the case of a child) and the congregation, to support and walk with them on their faith journey. We especially enjoy inviting the newly baptized to build a relationship with United Parish as their spiritual home.


This yearly worship service celebrates the culmination of the confirmation program for our teenagers, who have spent the better part of the year exploring their faith and learning what it means to be a full member of the church. All students are blessed by the congregation, and those who have chosen to be confirmed sign the membership book.

New Member Joining

This seasonal worship service joyfully welcomes adults who feel called to be part of United Parish. The New Member process often includes participation in our seasonal membership class series, trying out other areas of church life, and having discernment conversations with the pastors. Contact the Discernment and Engagement team to learn more at discernment@upbrookline.org.


This yearly worship service celebrates our 8th graders as they begin their journey to adulthood. We read their autobiographies, celebrate their gifts, and bless them and their parents as they enter the next chapter of adolescence together. 

Memorial Services and Funerals

The apostle Paul wrote that “nothing in life, or in death, or in all of creation can separate us from God’s love for us in Jesus Christ.”

At the time of death, we support one another by providing pastoral care and support, and by creating worship services to give thanks for the life of the person who has died, to pray for their reunion with God, and to comfort those who mourn.  Worship leaders work with the family or friends of the deceased to plan a memorial service or funeral that embodies God’s promise of hope and honors the particular person who has died.

Seasonal Worship

The liturgical seasons of the church calendar provide a beautiful invitation to explore certain aspects of our faith journey in greater depth.

During Advent, the time of waiting for the coming of the Christ Child and the coming of Christ at the end of all time, and during Lent, the time of preparation for Christ’s journey to the cross and the glory of resurrection, the United Parish expands its worship offerings to include shorter and more intimate mid-week services followed by fellowship.

This smaller worshiping community invites a style of worship that is highly engaging and personally sharing. Together in the presence of God, we sing hymns and prayers, engage in symbolic, sacred acts, and probe the questions of our faith.

Throughout the year we often sprinkle in other unique services such as short, election night evening prayers, Blue Christmas services for folks experiencing grief or conflict during the holidays, and 30-minute interactive family worship services. Keep an eye on our calendar to see what’s next!