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Archives: September 2021

Sep 15, 2021 - Amy Norton

Greetings to you, and Peace, from the One who is, and was, and is to come!

This week, perhaps fitting for our return to in-person worship, we hear the story of Jesus' first sermon to his hometown, Nazareth. At first, the crowd goes wild, positively kvelling with pride: "Isn't that Mary and Joseph's boy? I knew him when he was a baby! Look at him now!!" But after Jesus shares a bit of his plans with them (namely, that...

Sep 09, 2021 - Kent French

After eighteen months, we are finally going to hold worship in our beautiful Sanctuary again. It's a little hard to believe that we have gone this long without it.

All through this pandemic, we have gathered with ingenuity and faithfulness, both online and outdoors. We have Zoomed and pre-recorded and chatted and hiked and strolled and held outdoor worship in our Memorial Park. The creativity and resilience has been truly inspiring. Based on our summer survey, 70 of you indicated a...

Sep 02, 2021 - Amy Norton

As we finish up our summer series focusing on our 50th Anniversary theme of "Rooted in our Past, Reaching into our Future," we are pivoting from our run of former seminarians, and reaching even further into the past to welcome back our co-founding Pastor, Vic Scalise, who served the newly-formed United Parish from 1970 to 1977.

Since leaving United Parish, Vic has served in 17 Interim ministries, served as the President of New England Institute for 12 years and the Vice President for...