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Archives: June 2022

Jun 23, 2022 - Peter Ilgenfritz

Sunday night, February 13 and I’m gripping the steering wheel on my way to Brookline wondering where I’m going and why I’m out here on a night like this.

The next Sunday, I shared that story with you on our first time meeting each other. I wondered if a sabbatical season might be a time for all of us to open our hands to receive the gift of this moment in time we will spend together.

That February snow storm now feels like a long time ago. Much has happened in the past four...

Jun 16, 2022 - Amy Norton

Dear Ones, 

Fresh off the heels of last week's All-Parish Meeting, where we voted in the newest slate of nominees and passed our budget (both unanimously) as well as heard a comprehensive report from our Financial Planning Team, we also had moments to reflect on all of the ways God has been at work (and at rest) in our community this past year.

We heard our UCC Area Conference Minister, Alex Shea Will preach on the importance of waiting for God's vision to unfold, and we turned...

Jun 08, 2022 - Amy Norton

Dear Church Family,

Can you believe our "program year" has come to a close and our June All Parish Meeting is upon us? 

What an incredible year it's been - from a return to in-person worship and church school, to our Outdoor Family Worship series, to our virtual Christmas Eve that stretched into a virtual January, to baptisms, a sabbatical, Easter festival worship, and more, we have been on quite the journey this year!

This Sunday, we welcome our UCC Area Conference...

Jun 01, 2022 - Amy Norton

Dear Ones,

As we mark the celebration of Pentecost, the liturgical holiday when the Holy Spirit swept in like a fiery tornado unleashing radical understanding amidst the worshipping crowd, it struck me that we are celebrating some miracles of our own.  

The story of Pentecost depicts a moment when the Spirit intervened to sew understanding and connection amidst a disparate crowd, leading to deepened connections and a flourishing community. This Sunday, in an era when most news...