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Summer Worship Series: New Beginnings
This summer, we learn more about the faith lives of our members as they reflect on what it means to embark on new beginnings.

One “new beginning” we’re in the midst of is troubleshooting and tweaking our sound system and livestream; we’re grateful for your patience and understanding as we work to have everything shored up and in ship-shape by September!

This Sunday, United Parish high-schooler Kendall B. will offer a homily she wrote reflecting back on a six week, 3,000 mile bike trip she made last summer, pedaling from the coast of Georgia to Santa Monica, CA.

Kendall remembers how at the start of her trip, she was cycling for the same reason as everyone else, to bask in that final accomplishment at “the moment when we would all sprint into the Pacific Ocean, our front tires in hand, signifying that we had made it Coast to Coast.”

“But,” she continues, “as I fell in love with cycling, the long days of riding, the beauty of the Southern States, and the people I was riding with, my whole perspective about why I was doing the trip changed.”

Join us for worship at 10am in the Sanctuary to hear more about Kendall’s new perspective and the ‘mustard seed moments’ that made her trip so meaningful.

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