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Archives: September 2023

Sep 20, 2023 - Kent French

This autumn, our worship follows our Church School curriculum, Seeking Peace Together. We are learning in worship alongside the youngest members of our community.

There's a wonderful, enigmatic figure who crops up in our scripture reading from time to time: Nicodemus. A leader of the Pharisees who came furtively to Jesus after dark to find out what this guy was all about (...

Sep 13, 2023 - Christine VanDeWege

This is my first blog as United Parish's Sabbatical Pastor, covering for Associate Pastor Amy Norton while she is away. I am looking forward to offering my first sermon at United Parish this Sunday. I am also excited to get to know you, the members of United Parish, and warmly invite you to reach out to me. I'm happy to take a walk together, chat, or go for coffee, and I am always ready to pray with you.

As a reforming Type A person, there's a sense of peace that I seek and find while...

Sep 07, 2023 - Kent French

Worship at 11am in the Sanctuary! (This Sunday's worship will not be streamed live, but will be recorded and posted later on YouTube*).

The last few years of global pandemic shook up a lot of our assumptions about in-person gatherings and brick-and-mortar institutions. Working from home and telecommuting are now much more viable options. So much of commerce has continued to move online. We see more street-...