Imagine Together: A World Made Whole

During the season of Eastertide (April 1-May 18 this year), we focus on our Stewardship and how we collectively support the overall ministry of United Parish, as we “Imagine Together” how we make an impact in the world around us.

I believe that church, at its best, is a place where we can stir our moral imaginations. We take time to reflect on what’s worth our time, our energy, our intention. We reflect on what we need to change in ourselves and also ask how God needs us to help change the world. We contemplate how we carry on the ministry and ideals of Jesus of Nazareth.

I also believe that, at their best, churches and other houses of faith can be agents for change. Helping humanity live into the best of our ideals, working with God to co-create the world as it ought to be.

For our Eastertide Stewardship season, we are Imagining Together what is possible. Our community is in a time of discerning new possibilities and leading into future transformation. This Sunday, we will look at Isaiah 35 and how an ancient prophet imagined a bright future for the world of his day. How can it inspire us today?

In faith,

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