Member Stories: Dot


My name is Dorothy and I have been attending United Parish for about 4 years. When I retired after 42 years of teaching public school, I returned to the city from Brattleboro, VT. Throughout my life I have been guided and protected by angels. They have been a constant throughout my life. And true to their activity in my life, they led me here through my friend Kate.

As always in church, the spirit calls us to be co-workers in God’s service. Thinking about this stewardship theme, I realized the task would not be to find an example in my experiences at United Parish, but rather choosing one from many opportunities.

I decided to go with an unlikely opportunity to be a co-worker. A few years ago, our minister of music, organized a national conference of church musicians. For those of you who know me, know I love and appreciate the wonderful music ministry of this church, but I am in no way a musician. However, this conference had opportunities for my skill set. I enjoy meeting and chatting with people. I was able to greet attendees, help with registration and finding rooms, ensuring attendees were registered for desired workshops, and then make sure they the information they needed. As our church was the hostess, I could also help with food service and clean up for attendees and United Parish members. Surprise, I was a co-worker in the wonderful music ministry of United Parish.

As a member of the stewardship team, I have the blessing of learning the work of all of the church ministries, each one overflowing with dedication to doing the work of the Lord. I personally support the work of United Parish because it is real, comes from the heart, and has as its foundation, LOVE.