Sarah Fitzpatrick, Parish Administrator


Sarah Fitzpatrick

As a member of a Boston-area UCC church, Sarah has been actively involved in church life, music ministry, and community service her whole life. She attended UCC summer camps for several years, and was a counselor at a UCC camp in New Hampshire. She is still active in her home church where she is a liturgist and plays in the handbell choir.

Sarah studied art and music history at a small liberal arts college in New Hampshire, and museum education at a Boston-area university. As a member of her college choir, she had the opportunity to sing in churches across Europe on several concert tours. Sarah has worked in human resources at a tech company; in a high school helping students with special needs; as a nanny; and as a museum educator at a history museum. She continues to be involved at a local art museum as an adjunct educator for family art programs, and as a volunteer tour guide, leading tours for adults with disabilities.

Pronouns: she/her

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, generally 9am-5pm