Member Stories: Valencia


My name is Valencia. I was raised with a Christian background. While in college, I attended chapel off and on. Most times, I visited the house of Sealy with the Reverend Posterpedic Mattress. Some years later, I moved to Brookline. One night, I prayed to the Lord to lead me to a church. The next day it was 90°F. While walking my dog, I stopped in at the United Parish to rest. I enjoyed the coolness of the building. That night, I again asked God to help me find a church. All summer I continued walking my dog and stopping at the United Parish. Finally, I began to think that maybe I was praying for the wrong thing. Through prayer, I began to ask God to send me to a church where I would be a part of a family. A few weeks later, I began to attend morning worship services at United Parish. One Sunday during the worship, I fell into joy and my heart became warm and light. I WAS HOME!