Sacred Places, Sacred Moments

Each summer, we have the pleasure of hearing from our thoughtful membership and guests about their own spiritual lives, musings, and life experiences. You may remember that last summer, we had a theme of “Who Is My Neighbor?” and heard from a variety of wider community members about what it means to be neighborly.

This summer, we will delve into the theme of “Sacred Places, Sacred Moments” hearing about locations, physical spaces, situations, or moments in time in which people feel connected to or made room for the Divine. These spaces and moments can be as varied as a spot in our church building, a particular story, sharing a meal at a crowded table, or visiting an ancestral homeland.

On Sunday, Peter Rempelakis begins our series by exploring “what sanctifies a place and what does not.” He will look at a report from King Solomon’s time (10th century BCE) about how the ark of the covenant was brought into the holy temple (2 Chronicles 5:7-14) and connect it with his own experience as a therapist, working with teachers and students. How do we create a space where all are welcome, where we can learn with empathy, curiosity, and equality?

We invite you to come to connect, to learn, to be in community.

In faith,

Summer Worship Theme: Sacred Places, Sacred Moments
Sundays, 10am in Willett Hall
July 7  Peter Rempelakis
July 14  Dannah Kaplan
July 21  TBD
July 28 Bob Foney
August 4  Stella Lee
August 11 Deb Hall
August 18 TBD
August 25 Justin Aier
September 1 Kate Hendrix

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